The Keys To A Successful Cleanse




There's a saying “New Year, New You”, but I don’t really like that saying very much; what I prefer is “New Year, Improved You”- although it doesn’t have the same ring to it, I think it’s much better for morale. This time of year most people are ready to re-invigorate themselves with mind/body detox; in an effort to set a path for a successful year. January and February are perfect for this type of thing; it’s cold and people are broke which caters perfectly staying in and refocusing on goals. A primary goal of many is to boost energy and renew a sense of self that will hopefully carry through the whole year.
With that said, many stumble out of the gates and struggle, because, yes, it’s hard; but it also requires a plan.

Set Goals
Challenge yourself to write down what this detox means you and what you hope to
achieve. It helps to have a reference to keep you on track when enthusiasm flags.

Prepare the People Around You
Family, friends, roommates and coworkers that you normally associate with must know how
important this cleanse is to you; therefore they can properly support you.

Partner Up
Even the most motivated among us can get derailed without positive reinforcement; doing a
cleanse with a partner means that you have a partner in crime; it also helps to have someone
who you are accountable to.

Drink Plenty of Water
The importance of water cannot be overstated; it helps keep us full satisfied and flush out our
systems and helps us stay hydrated. Aim for at least eight 8oz glasses of water a day.

Space Out Meals
Eating every 3 to 5 hours rather than nonstop nibbling helps when metabolism but also helps
to identify hunger-meaning you'll learn when you're hungry or thirsty or bored.

Keep a Journal
What, when and where we eat, as well as how you feel before during and after each meal; this
helps to raise awareness and transform relationships with food. A good tip is to start journaling
one week before you actually begin your cleanse that way you begin to understand your food choices

Stick To Your Guns
Regardless of whether you do it with a partner or solo; or  whether you fall off the wagon- get back on!
The key is to stick to your guns; if you have a plan to detoxify pull through- you can do it! Sometimes we
fall off the wagon; but the biggest failure is not getting back on the plan and meeting your goals

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