The Last Word on D...Or Not


I’ve written quite a bit about vitamin D. Though I hate to assign grandiose importance to anything, I have to admit that vitamin D appears to be the most important vitamin. It has been shown to be important in cancer prevention, in strengthening our immune system, in maintaining our hormone levels and many other areas. This is to add to the list.

While we have known for years that vitamin D is essential for brain health by fighting memory loss, protecting the brain from shrinking, and fighting Alzheimer's, we now know that being deficient in vitamin D is a predictor of schizophrenia. It is a predictor in newborns as well as in adults.

Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental disorder, bringing chaos, uncertainty and fear into the lives of those who have it. While it can be treated to varying degrees, sometimes quite successfully, it can also lead to delusions, hallucinations, difficulty processing emotions, memory loss and inability to discern reality from fantasy. Do what you can to avoid it.

First on your list should be to get plenty of vitamin D. A good start is 15 minutes of unprotected sunlight over your face and arms, and if possible more of your body, a day. Eat eggs and dairy. If you can’t get your blood levels up enough using those steps, supplement with 5,000 IUs per day until you do.

While the minimum recommended blood level of is 30 nmol/L, determined by a simple blood test administered by your doctor, 50 nmol/L is the recommended level by a committee of the Institute of Medicine. Some holistic physicians recommend an ideal of between 60 and 75 nmol/L.

And the “or not” in the title? As we find out more I will continue to praise the wonders of vitamin D.

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