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  Original Tan, Chiang Kai-shek and the monks most leases, home to practice. Old monk is no objection, only peers. Scoop up incense be fated not to alexandra tote By the by scoop up incense seen monks went, although some watching, no way out, where a Buddhist monk comes in, still life complex security. Want to really feel nothing. If I once blows, the hardships of parents in bringing up children is not reported that US ties of friendship does not pay, white to get the life and the Buddhist monk, not hateful? Thinking of this, coach poppy collection do not think rainful tears. Hovered around a long time, it's getting late, no Buddhist monk comes in, and down some. But without a lodging for the night, without lights, without accounts, and normally at home or in the beauty Department, is a plaster beam and delicious to eat, sleep is Lo Kam yin, mattress pad, now living alone in this endless suffering, life and cannot be guaranteed. Blame self hating when three drums of Watchtower, only through the night. Tomorrow, the Buddhist monk disappeared to, also no tea and water came in, very hungry in the stomach. He came to the Sun is sinking in the West, still can't see someone madison collection Scoop up incense the manner of sighing a sigh: "fallen hero, included difficult to effect. No knife Ghost, for the bodies of the starved body. Day-day, you must me too hard! "Cry, cry and want to, cry:" beauty just know I am under attack at home window, parents I will assign at a friend's House on the only road, zenzhi I would like so