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Hello to all!

I have been struglging with weight all my life.  Upon graduating college, I was at my all time heaviest- 317 lbs.  I tried many diets and finally ended up with a nutritionist. Awesome, great! I lost about 160 lbs.  I gained a bit back, then lost it and now gained more back.


I am currently at 217 and I just started the PointsPlus program today.  I am feeling really motivated!  Let's hope for the best! I feel that I can be successful with this plan!!



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I have probably rejoined WW 20 times. I need to loose 100 lbs. The struggle has been ongoing for half of my adult life. I have had some success but seem to sabotage after 25 lbs. I am not defeated and I do feel I will be more successful with the current points plus program.

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that's me

I gained a bit back, then lost it and now gained more back. Flash Games

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Me, too!

I have had trouble keeping the weight off as well. One thing I have found that is working really well for me is intermittent fasting. As harsh as "fasting" can sound, it is actually pretty easy if you do it right. Or maybe that should be if you do it light. It is a whole lot easier than a diet.