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I used to think that just having a buddy to exercise with and diet with was a good idea. But when my dieting/walking buddy started to weaken in her resolve, and then gave up, I found that I was at a loss as to how to continue.

But since then, my sister and I managed to go on the same diet and that really helped. We shared the cost of the foods, the preparation and because we are related, we feel comfortable calling each other up whenever we need to talk. Its not like having just a buddy, it's closer than that and it helps a lot.

If you have a choice of your dieting buddies, I suggest that you get a family member to go along. That way they are in it for more than themselves. They care about you doing well as much as they do about themselves doing well. And your sister or brother or mother won't want you to go off your diet and get healthy and so you both will go the extra distance for each other's sakes.