Texas Roadhouse Weight Watchers Points vs. Weight Score and Nutrition Facts

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Menu Item Cal Fat Fiber Pr Carbs Scr Scr+
Baby Back Ribs Pork edit
baked potatoe plain w salt & skin 278 0.4 6.6 63.2 5 edit
BBQ Chicken Breast 512 17 4 7 64 11 12 edit
BBQ rbs - 4 ribs 329 22 0 10 8.5 edit
beef tips with mushrooms and onions edit
chicken critter salad edit
GREEN BEANS 60 3 0 9 1 edit
Grilled Chicken Salad 410 15 4 50 14 10 edit
House Salad No Dressing, No Croutons (Texas Roadhouse) 121 5 2 8 2 edit
Loaded Sweet Potatoe 309 8 3 59 9 edit
Portobella Mushroom Chicken 487 24 0 11 12 edit
Pulled Pork Dinner edit
Roll 227 11 0 0 28 5 6 edit
Salmon Grilled (Texas Roadhouse) 530 32 2 17 13 edit
sirloin tips edit
sirlon steak 6 oz 326 28 0 0 9 8 edit
Texas Roadhouse - Steamed Vegetable 90 0 0 20 2 edit

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Louise's picture

I love Texas Roadhouse, the only problem I have is the food is tooooo fattening. You need to have some great low fat, low calorie dinners. There are tooo many FAT people, we need to be more concious of what we take into our bodies. Just a suggestion. Hope you run w/it.

Landy's picture

I'm very sure you affended a few people by saying there are "too many FAT people." Unless you have had a weight problem your whole life, you have no idea what it takes to stay healthy. For some, "dieting" and excersize is enough to keep the extra pounds off, for others it isn't.

Society has pushed on us that being thin and beautiful is what we are all supposed to be. Society has created children and adults with life threatening eating disorders. That is NOT healthy.

My advice to you, don a fat suit, and experience what it's like to be "different" in todays world. Maybe you will have a little more compassion and understanding for those of us who have been struggling.

Thinagain's picture

It sure didn't offend me with the comment "too many FAT people". I am fat and I know it. I used to be size 0 and now I am way bigger than that!!!! I agree that all restaurants should be more conscious of what they serve. The restaurants are only a part of why so many of us have gotten so big and unhealthy. I want to be thin again for my health not my appearance. I am so big now from just eating what I want that I hurt! Not to mention how my organs are being affected. There is no reason to sugar coat the truth. Fat is Fat! If you are fat, admit and do something about it---I am! Thanks!

Mrsob's picture

The points noted above would now be much higher than posted because of the new WW PointsPlus system. They now use fat/carbs/protein/fiber to calculate how many ww points. I will add that I do agree with Louise restaurant need to make changes to their menus to provide us (large or thin) more healthy choices however; it is up to us to watch our portions...it's really all about portion control. You can eat anything you want in moderation and be perfectly healthy. You don't need to be a size "0" which in my eyes is as unhealthy as being a size 24. I lost 35 pounds 3 years ago by eating healthy and watching my portions. Believe it or not, I've kept it off! I'm not a size "0" but I feel good and yes I eat an occasional piece of chocolate cake and I don't feel one bit guilty.

tnkrgrl's picture

You just have to make the right choices at TR...a 6oz sirloin steak is only 7 pointsplus. On the other had, one roll is 6 points plus. We just ate at TR tonight and I had a 6oz steak, (7pp), house salad with no egg or cheese (0pp), a baked potato (5pp) and green beans (i counted them as 2 because they are cooked with some bacon)...14 points is less than half my daily WW allowance and because I had eaten light during the day I had no qualms about going out to eat.

Its not about the restaurant's menu, its about the person's ability to make the right choices